Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Movie spree!!!

Am on a movie spree thes days and have seen the following ones-

Maid of honor--Very predictable and a total chick flick. It wasnt interesting as you have seen all the scenes of the film in My best friends wedding. They could have done something different but they dont and the movie ends up being just so so. Watch it if you dont have any options.

The Heartbreak Kid--Really liked this one. Its a typical Ben stiller howlarious comedy. There is something very likable and just watching Ben with his deadpan expression in the funny scenes is a treat. He plays a 40 something bachelor who meets the woman of his dreams only to realize later(after the wedding) that he has walked into a nightmare. Also stars the actress of Maid of honor(dont know her name). I really liked this one.

My best friend's girl--This is a funny one. I didnt know the actor Dane Cook and had never heard of him but he is quite good. In this he plays a slimey guy who takes women on horror dates so that they run back into the arms of their ex-es. Things take a surprising turn when he meets Kate Hudson who is quite wacky and similar in so many ways to what he is. Also stars Jason Biggs as the Kate's best friend. Its fast paced and fun at the same time. And I am a fan of dane cook now :)

Good luck Chuck-Its a chick flick that has a wonderful feel good quality about it. This one also stars dane cook and is a cool comedy. A serial dater has a curse on him so that the girl he dates finds true love after being with him. When he finally meets the girl(jessica alba) he wants to be with, he has to try everything that he possibly can to break the curse and not lose his girl. Good comedy.

Forgetting sarah marshall-This movie had such a wacky advertising done for it to publicize it. I reemember visiting New York and seeing billboards and cabs with the prominent message -I hate sarah marshall, sarah marshall is a horrible person etc. It was really good advertising. The movie is good too although I was a tad dissapointed that it was not as good as I expected it to be.The central character gets dumped by his TV star girlfriend and doesnt know what to do. Thoroughy crushed he goes off to Hawaii to wallow in his misery and meets his ex there. What follows is a lot of hilarity as their worlds collide.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

'Aamir'- Must watch movie!!!

'Aamir' is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. Its so realistic that you dont even feel as if these are actors playing roles. Rajeev Khandelwal, the central character gives an exemplery performance as Aamir(leader).Its a harrowing story of a simple man stuck in the worst nightmare of his life.

The scenes shot in the dark underbelly of Mumbai shows the dark side of the city. The slums, the dirtied narrow lanes, the unaffected people all contribute to the heightened tension of the scenes.

The movie shows the bizarre happenings in the life of a young Muslim doctor who has come back to Mumbai after nearly three years in London. On landing at the airport he gets involved in a terrible cat and mouse game where he has to do anything and everything possible to save his family's lives.

The movie has crisp editing and wonderful dialogues. Through the simple situations the director has touched upon the causes of national integration and the need to be secular. I wish Aamir would have been sent as our entry for the Oscars.

This is a must watch movie not just for Indians but for people all over the world.
Kudos to the director(Rajkumar Gupta) for making such a hard hitting and gripping movie. It is all the more relevant in these troubled times. 'Aamir' will surely leave you thinking long after its over.