Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Freida and Dev-Officially dating now(Reel to real life love)

The Slumdog Millionaire couple were bound to get together and its finally happened.

Dev Patel and Freida look absolutely smitten in all of their snaps and the best part is they make such a lovely couple.

In so many of their pictures you can notice the couple giving each other the "Look". Its that picture perfect moment when all they care about is to gaze at each other-the world ceasing to exist. Love is in the air when a couple does the look ;)

Incidentally Dev has recently turned 19 and he looked very very good in the papparazzi shot of the couple inIsrael. If only he would put in some more weight, he would look awesome-not that he is any less good looking now. Also He seems to be a genuinely nice person.

Freida Pinto is quite the lucky gurl being in the right place at the right time in the right "Dress". Her warm smile rocks all of her outfits making her a designers darling. I cannot imagine how pissed off Aishwariya rai has to be that Freida has become the holyywodd It gurl so soon-a position that she has been struggling to make for several years now.

Slumdog Millionaire is taking its fairy tale into the real life of its cast members. Hope this love story lasts, its got the most amazing beginning..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Leaver and unhappy leavee---

Ever noticed how the person who cheats or leaves their lover is more happy than the one they left behind. Here, notice pics of Shahid pre Kareena and post Kareena.

I havnt seen one pic of his in recent months where he is smiling from the heart. He looks as if Kareena sucked the soul out of his body. The perils of love.

With kareena

After Kareena/crashing

13B is scary..

Just saw 13B the movie and have to say that the director has done a pretty good job. The movie starts off slowly and the first half is not that exciting. But the second half is well edited and brings out the thrills. The unusual story line keeps the audience guessing.

Madhavan and the rest of the cast have done a competent job.
Ppl are gonna be definitely spooked abt buying a 13th floor flat now.
I remembered a bit of trivia while watching this that in a specific building where I went house hunting, I was told that there is no 13th Floor. There was a 14th floor directly after 12th floor. I found that amusing then.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blind dating-The movie

Blind dating is a very good, cute romantic movie. The trailors and the publicity does not do justice to the story and the characters. The cast acts well and all the scenes feel very real. I initially thought its a chick flick but its nothing like that.

The plot revolves around a visually impaired person(Chris Pines) who is trying to find the one he wants to be with. His brother sets him up on some really bad albeit funny "blind" dates. Eventually he meets an Indian girl(Anjali ray) who he falls for. How love shows him the way is the crux of the remaining story.

Its simple and involves a bit of the Indian angle(family issues,pesky relatives,promises etc) so that was the reason I picked it up.

The movie is quite enjoyable and will take u by surprise. Highly recommended.