Saturday, December 19, 2009

"First Kiss"-Beautiful Korean romantic movie

First Kiss(1998)-

This is another South Korean movie that I liked a lot. The movie stars Ahn Jae Wook as Kyeong Hyeon and Choi Ji Woo as Yeon Hwa.

Its falls under the genre of romantic comedy/drama. At the begining of the story, we are introduced to this shy plain looking newsreporter who lives in a world of her own. She wears loose baggy mens wear and does not care about make up or any such beauty related things. The movie does not explain much as to why she is, the way she is although we do see a stupid guy dumping her on a dinner date. Her newsroom is filled with a bunch of characters which includes her boss having an affair with his subordinate etc.The boss's story runs in parallel with our main heroine's story.

One day a photographer comes in to work at the office. He has a smiling personality and his playful happy nature is the complete opposite to the gurl's nature. He gets attracted to her and constantly follows her around clicking pictures while she interviews people for the magazine. At first she is really pissed at his behaviour but his persistence pays off and the ice maiden begins to melt.

However she has never kissed a guy before which makes it very difficult and awkward for her to understand the guy's feelings for her. They soon get separated but destiny gets them back together. The climax is very beautiful as it brings their story to a happy conclusion and I love happy endings in Korean movies.

I was also very impressed by the way the writers wrote the characters of her boss who always tries his best to look out for her despite her moody nature. The hero's best friend is also a cool guy who always helps the hero in all of his computer related problems.

The story sounds a lot like the plot of the Hollywood movie,'Never Been Kissed 1999)' but this movie was released way before that in 1998. The story holds your attention and makes you root for the lovers to get together. The movie has been brilliantly written and directed. There is this beautiful scene in the rain inside a phone booth, which simply takes your breath away. It is a very honest moment when the hero sees the gurl up close without her trademark glasses.

I am just stunned that not many people know about this cute movie which has such a nice plot. It's simple without any over the top gimicks and melodrama. I hope someone makes a TV series out of this because I know for sure it will be pretty sucessful.

Its a wonderful movie and deserves to be watched as many times as you want to feel good about romance and life.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Korean movies :)

So I have seen more South Korean movies this week. Here are few more of the ones that were really entertaining.
My tutor friend (2003)-This is a comedy thats fun all the way. The story is of a young girl hired to be a tutor to a rich brattish guy. How she struggles to teach him and how they get together is the main plot.

Again there is lots of comedy and no sadness here so that makes this a good watch. There were some really funny scenes between the father and the son, the brat and the young plain tutor etc. It starred Kwon Sang-Woo and Kim Ha-Neul.

The film's success caused another version of the movie to be released called 'My tutor friend 2'

Temptation of the Wolves/Romance of their own (2004)-

This was a weird movie and you will understand why when you see the movie. The story deals with a very average Korean girl coming to live at her mother's house after her father's death. At her new school not one but two really good looking guys fall for her. One is the head of her school and the other is from the rival school. Now the girl is in a fix and it doesnt help that both have fallen for her for no reason at all. The movie goes at a fast pace and soon the twist is revealed. It frankly makes people a little sick when you realize how twisted the love story is. Kang Dong-won who plays the main love interest suits the role perfectly but the girl is not believable. Apparently the temptation of the wolves title is because wolves are supposed to be loners and all that and one of the characters is just like that-a loner longing for some love.

Windstruck (2004)-
Now this is a movie I really enjoyed. I am not surprised that it was a major success in Korea. It depicts the romance between a lady cop and an innocent guy that she accidentally arrests on their first meeting.

As time progresses the plot shows them having a good life together but before long there is trouble in paradise. The hero dies accidentally and how the girl copes up forms the rest of the story. There were a lot of good things happening in the story as the scenes are very unconventional and make you smile and cry a bit. The ending is quite nice as it almost hints to a prequel of 'My sassy girl'.

Her boyfriend's role is played by a very endearing guy who suits the role well. Some of the scenes are really touching and worth watching over and over again.I liked the dialogue that the hero tells the girl when she dreams about him after his death.

He says- "When we meet again, tell me all the happiest memories you experienced from this life".

After watching this movie, you will understand why the gurl behaves the way she behaves in the other movie. The director of 'My sassy girl' and 'Windstruck' are the same. Again the name 'Windstruck' is highly unusual but has some connection with the hero always wanting to be like the wind after his death. Highly recommended.

Daddy long legs-
Many people had recommended this movie as well for being a good one. It begins slowly as we are introduced to this girl who has just moved into the city as radio station writer.

Throughout her life some benefactor has alwys taken care of her-paying her tuition fees, expenses etc. She always misses meeting who this person is and refers to him as 'daddy long legs' because she saw the shadow of his long legs once as he passed by her. Bizarre but true.
At the new workplace she meets a cute librarian and they strike up a friendship that translates into love but has a huge melodramatic twist at the end when she realizes who her benefactor is.

He was cool-
I never expected 'He was cool' to be so much fun. Its really an amazing romantic comedy with a little bit of everything. There is fighting, romance, friendship, disease,death and redemption. The heroine of the movie unfortunately committed suicide in 2007 and its sad cause she acts very cutely in this flick.

The story is of a bad boy kind of protagonist who meets a quirky high school girl by accident. And once they start going around, the fun does not stop. The story moves along well and holds your attention.There are some very good fight scenes in this. Its pure timepass.

I especially loved the Karaoke scene when the girl is staring starry eyed at her boyfriend who literally cannot hit a single note correctly during his singing. This movie thankfully has a happy ending. Its interesting that both 'He was cool' and 'Temptation of the Wolves' was written by an Internet writer 'Guiyeoni'.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Classic-My favourite Korean romantic movie!

The Classic a south Korean romantic movie has become my favourite romance movie of all time.

The movie has everything in it. A little bit of comedy, huge dose of melodrama and fine acting by all the actors. The Classic is the story told in flashback of a daughter who is reading her mother's love letters to her former lover. That story is told in parallel to the present story of the daughter who is in love in a very similar situation like her mother.

How fate plays its part in making love find its way is beautifully told through the movie. The ending of the movie is phenomenal and completes the circle of love ;) Incidentally the daughter and the mother's role are played by the same actress. She has also done an outstanding job in another wonderfully romantic movie, 'A moment to remember'.

The movie was released in 2003 and looks a lot like 'The Notebook'. However it is very different apart from a few similarities.

I was blown away by the beautiful romantic scenes many of which are quite emotional. The director has indeed done a good job and I am just curious as to why Bollywood has not tried to remake this movie. If they do someday they should make Ranbir Kapoor play the former lover,KOnkana Sen/Priyanka Chopra to play the heroine and the present day lover could be played by Harman Baweja. All I hope for is that the Indian director does not change the script at all as it is a very good script that should be kept as it is.

Watch this movie, The classic as its one of the best romances I have seen in a long long time.I want to applaud the director director Kwak Jae-yong for creating such a good must watch romance. The actors in this movie were Son Yeh-jin and Cho Seung-woo.

Other honorable mentions of really cute romantic movies I have seen so far-

A moment to remember-Again its a very good story with a sad end. I am quite fed up of Korean actresses dying in every single movie. But apparently this is what becomes a hit in Korea so there is nothing that can be done. That said, this movie depicts a touching romance between a forgetful girl and a aspiring architect and makes you long for a love they share.

The girl suffers from Alzeihmers disease and its heartbreaking to watch her lose her memories at such a young age. It makes you realize how precious our memories are and how dreadful it would be to lose them. The movie starred Jung Woo-sung and Son Ye-jin in the lead roles.

The last dialogue of the film 'saranghe' spoken by the husband to his ill wife, which means 'I Love you' in Korean is the best ending to the movie.

My little bride - This is a super cute romance between a school girl and a much older guy who she gets married to. The couple have to keep their marriage a secret but have loads of fun and trouble along the way. Again a very light, comic romance that will have you smiling throughout the movie. It has Moon Geun Young, Kim Rae Won in the lead roles. My little bride is one movie that I could watch again and again. I wish korean directors would make more such happy movies like 'My little Bride'.The young actress Moon has done a good job in this movie too.

Innocent steps-This is a sweet movie of two dancers who are brought together by circumstances beyond their control. To win the dance competition they have to put on the charade of being married and as love stories go, they fall in love slowly while preparing for the competition. The movie had Moon Geun-young
Park Geon-hyeong in the lead roles.

200 pounds of beauty- This is a hilarious movie that depicts the struggles of an overweight woman who is a backup singer in love with her boss. She undergoes a plastic surgery and has a complete makeover after which she literally has everyone going nuts about her. with her beauty she has to pay a price of losing her individuality and how she copes up is the rest of the story. This film had some super hilarious scenes one which should not be missed as they are so funny.

Here is the trailer of 'The Classic'..

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Must watch South Korean movies

South Korean romantic movies are something that I have recently discovered. These movies are quite entertaining and are a welcome change from our regular Hollywood and Bollywood movies. The titles however are quite funny and sometimes make little sense with the movie plot.

Some of the recent movies that I have enjoyed are--
Almost Love
A Millionaire's first love
My Sassy girl
100 days with Mr Arrogant
The Perfect Couple

Out of these movies, I liked 'A Millionaire's first Love' the best.

'Almost Love' is about the friendship of two good childhood friends who later realize that they have more than friendship going on between them. The last half hour of the movie is extremely sad and melodramatic but has some of the best scenes of the movie.

'A Millionaire's first love' is about a rich arrogant man who is forced by a clause in his grandfather's will to finish his graduation in a rural village. There he meets a girl with a terminal disease and how they spent the rest of their lives together forms the second half of the plot. The second half is very good as compared to the first half. It is just a little unconvincing how they fll in love so quickly but the romance in the latter half makes up for it.

'My Sassy girl' or 'My Bizarre girl' is a strange story. I didnt quite understand why this movie was so popular in Korea. Its about this sort of over the top girl who constantly keeps beating her guy. He is the narrator of the story and explains how he met her and how they began their relationship. Again the last half hour of the movie is very touching and it has a very good dialogue by the main character when he explains to the girl how she should behave towards her future husband. It was remade in an American version and a Hindi movie, 'Ugly aur pagli' starring Mallika Sherawat and Ranvir Sheorey. The movie has one of the best endings I have seen so far and I really liked the part destiny plays in the story.

'100 days with Mr Arrogant' is just a teenage romantic comedy but is not as believable or enterataining as the rest of the movies I have seen so far. Its about a rich guy who fools a girl into being his personal attendent for 100 days.

The 'Perfect Couple' movie title is very misleading as this is not a romance movie at all. Its an action movie with two cops and a journalist who has an accident with one of the cops. The director though has done a good job as the story moves fast and is refreshing to see something new. The heroine's voice though is extremely screeching and irriating and can put you off. The hero who plays the main cop is quite handsome and suits the role well.

Will update this list as I watch more movies.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

It happened one Night(1934)-Must watch romantic comedy :)

It happened one Night(1934) is another all time classic American movie. It is the movie thats referred to as the one that started the screwball comedy trend thats more popular today as rom coms. In India, Dil hai ki maanta nahi was a frame by frame remake of this movie. Although I must say that the Hindi version also had the perfect casting of Aamir Khan, Pooja Bhatt and Anupam Kher as the crazy father. The movie had Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert in a battle of the sexes thats really funny and romantic at the same time.

Clark Gable is a small time news reporter(recently fired) who meets up with Claudette Colbert who is on the run from her father and on her way to meet her newly married husband. She meets Gable on the bus and he convinces her that he would not reveal her whereabouts to her father if she would give him the details of her journey towards her love. As expected the two fall in love during the course of the journey.

I found it so incredible that someone had written such a fabulous script for this story. All the scenes are relevant and look fresh and appealing even half a century later. Most notable and funny are the Hitchhiking scene,the scene at the barn with the freakout of the century, the walls of Jericho scene and the amazing wedding finale.

The film released more than 70 years ago but its not aged one bit. The screenplay sparkles with wit and humor as the two central characters take playful jabs at each other. Clark gable plays the alpha man in this who also displays a strong protective side towards Colbert hiding it under his mock anger and disdainful faces. Colbert also plays her part beautifully as the rich heiress who struggles to lead a commoners life over a span of a few days.

It Happened one night is one of the few movies that have won the Big 5 at the Oscars. It won best Actor, best Actress, best Director, Best film and best screenplay. The director of this marvellous film was Frank Capra.

It is said that both Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert were unhappy with the script and thought that they had acted in the worst movie ever. Of course they were proved soundly wrong by the audience which lapped up the movie and made it one of the biggest hits for MGM.

I feel that Clark Gable acted his personal best in this movie and his flair for comedy elevates the story to a new level altogether. This film proved to be the inspiration for several movies and if you havnt watched it yet, you must do so immediately. Its a complete family entertainer and a classic not to be missed.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Roman Holiday- ~A fun timeless classic~

Roman Holiday(released in 1953) is a true classic romantic comedy and one movie that I really loved watching. It is quite surprising that even though I had heard of this movie, I had never got the opportunity to watch it on televison or see it anywhere else. The other day I was in Blockbuster and it was either "Roman Holiday" or another Michelle Pfeiffer movie. But somehow seeing the happy couple of Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn on the cover of Roman Holiday, I had to pick this one. The movie is shot and directed beautifully by William Wyler.

The story is very simple. A princess(Audrey Hepburn) of some state is visiting Rome on her official duties. Her schedule is so packed with her official activities that she feels stifled to death. Once night she makes her escape and meets up with a newspaper reporter(Gregrory Peck). Peck initially is not aware of the princess's identity but realizes it soon and hopes to find a story with her as he escorts her around the city. Peck enlists the help of his photographer friend to click the pictures as they roam around in the city. There is scene with the trio at a sidewalk cafe which is hilarious as Peck constantly keeps spilling drinks on his friend.

There are a ton of sweet and nice things that happen as they go around Rome. They also unknowingly fall in love. As the movie draws to a conclusion it breaks your heart to see the choices that both the lovers have to take, when they have to face the real world again after their one day of carefree life together. Apparently princesses and commoners dont just ride into the sunset. The ending will remain etched on your mind for a long time.

Audrey Hepburn in her Oscar winning role gives a performance of a lifetime and its quite surprising considering that this was her first major Hollywood role. She is achingly sweet as the princess who wants to enjoy the freedom of a commoner. She was only 24 years old when she acted in Roman Holiday. He childlike mannerisms, laughter and innocence is so beautifully captured in this movie.

I have to admit that Gregory Peck was so handsome in this and has acted in many movies but this is the first movie that I have seen of his. He plays the part really well allowing Hepburn to shine in her role. There is a scene in the story where he plays a prank(Mouth of Truth) on the princess and they never told Hepburn about it so that scene is a true one not a scripted one(See Video). It is said that he and Audrey Hepburn remained close friends after this right upto her death in 1993. He reminds me of Dev Anand the Indian actor who looks and acts a lot like him.

The black and white images of Roman Holiday are so charming and enhance the looks of the story. You can fully concentrate on the characters and that is so important to enjoy this romance. This is one movie you can watch over and over again and relive the golden era of old world cinema.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab kahani review-It's hilarious :)

Ajab Prem ki ghazab Kahani is a very good entertaining film. It has so much time pass comedy. Directed by Raj Kumar Santhoshi who had once given us the complete mad cap comedy, Andaz Apna Apna.

The movie is about Prem(Ranbir Kapoor) a happy go lucky lad who is incidentally also the president of the Happy club. The club includes his friends who keep him company as he passes his day in fun and masti at his small community. In walks the love of his life, Jenny(Katrina kaif) who comes to live in their community. The rest of the movie is about their interactions and confusions with a lot of comedy.

Again Ranbir gives an superb performance as Prem and his comic timing is just hilarious. He makes a very cute jodi with Katrina. Prem's dad in the movie is Darshan Zariwala who again delivers a good performance.

There are several amazing cameos in this film including a very pivotal cameo by none other than Jesus! It was the best part of the story and provides a fitting conclusion to Prem's strange love story.

A feel good laughaminute, no complaints, no demands movie. Highly recommended.

Here is the very sweet and hilarious dialogue by Prem to Jesus in the movie-

Hello Jesus, Good Morning, I prem. Jenny friend. My god Bholenath in corner temple, u know bholenath? I go against my dharam for Jenny, eat non-veg. Bholenath knows about it I go bhoooooooossssssss. You Jenny god, I love Jenny. You no help, toh who help. Fix my photo in Jenny heart, permanently.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

London Dreams Review(or is it London Nightmare)-As bad as it gets :(

There are textbook examples of how movies should not be made. London dreams is one of those samples. Sadly the director Vipul SHAH makes a huge mistake with this movie. It is so cheesy and non funny that its hard to believe that the director of the movie is the same guy who made the delightful "Namaste London".

Ajay Devgan does not suit the role of a trying to strike it big singer(Arjun) and its painful to watch him lip synching to the songs. He does not like what he is doing and neither do we, the viewers. Salman Khan as Ajay's best friend Manu is as usual as outrageous as it gets. He hams to glory and thinks he is doing a good job in the role of Ajay devgan's friend. Unfortunately thats not the case at all. His character had a lot of scope but he squanders that away. Thankfully he is "unintentionally" hilarious because of his pathetic acting and cringeworthy dialogues. Asin does not have anything to do in the movie except to look good.

The script is fairly weak and does not hold your attention. You will be flummoxed to see Ajay Devgan's character punishing himself by belting(why???). There is even a jealous about friend angle that's straight from the outdated 90's movies. Seriously who cares about a plot like that and who was in charge of the script??

London Dreams is a musical film but sadly the music is so bleh. There is just one song in the whole movie thats memorable and its "Barso Barso". The rest of the songs are downright bad.

I had read somewhere that the director had spared no expenses in making Asin look beautiful. It was even reported that he spent over 2 lakhs for some shoe she wanted. I wish they had spent half of that amount to tone up and rewrite the senseless script.

While watching London Dreams, I could'nt believe that Ajay devgan and Salman Khan was the same amazing combination thaL acted so well in "Hum Dil de chuke sanam". In London dreams they seem to be acting in the version of "Hum silly ho chuke sanam".

After enjoying a fun movie like "Wake up Sid", the audience expects other directors to churn out good stuff like that. However the director of this debacle has not received the memo.

London Dreams is more like a nightmare. Wembley stadium se nafrat ho gayi hai.
A sad waste of top actors and locations for a sad excuse of a story.

I am in shock that Taran Adharsh and other reviewers have actually liked this..what were they watching?

Avoid this bad dream and save your time.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I love the color Green :)

Pics of Anyone and everyone looking good in Green-My favorite color ;)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wake up SID- **Superb fun**

Its breezy;its fun;its Sid waking up to Life.

Wake up Sid is the hit version of Lakshya movie.
Lakshya failed because the movie got too serious and lost its plot(in the second half) about the aimless young man. In wake up Sid, the audience's interest is maintained along every pivotal point of his life because the complete story is about Sid.

I dont recall the last time a Hindi movie hero telling someone to stop being a 'Pakau':) There were so many beautiful moments in the movie which are so realistic. Kudos to the director Ayan Mukherji for capturing all of those nuances in his debut venture.

The examples being the cranky old woman scolding Ayesha when she comes looking for the house, SId's outburst at his friend when he fails the test(lamenting as to why his friend didnt fail like him), Sid and Ayesha's fight when she gets jealous etc. I found Sid's interaction with the servant boy very hilarious.

The last 2 dialogues in the movie are classic-Sid ask Ayesha so simply, "Why did u have to say that you love me in the magazine. You could have said that at home?" I had the widest grin when he said that.

I especially loved Sid's intercation with his mom(Supriya Pathak) who has played the part really well. They way her character struggles with English but still wants to connect to her son is quite touching. Anupam Kher also does his part in being the strict father who simply wants his kid to grow up and become mature.

The movie has Konkana in virtually the same role that she has done in upteen other movies- that of a independent young woman trying to find a foothold in the city and making her way somehow or the other. She is good but I think she is got typecast for sure. Its practically the same character she has played in Metro, Laga Chunari main daag, Page 3, Luck by chance.

The funny part is in Page 3 and Metro she played a similar part so to speak of a woman who finds out that her boyfriend is gay. Its funny as to why her directors make her do the same roles and scenes over and over again.

Ranbir is the star of Wake up Sid. From the first frame he carries the film on his shoulders and does an outstanding job. He has definetly arrived with this movie.

I liked Wake up Sid a lot cause its so non filmi. It practically felt as if we were privy to the lives of this set of young people in Mumbai who are coming to terms with being adults. I hope the director Ayan gets many more chances of making such good films.Highly recommended.

Monday, September 28, 2009

##Whats your Rashi and Mr Yogi serial similarity##

Whats your Rashi released recently and is facing a tough time with critics. I liked the trailer and the concept of a guy meeting girls from 12 different rashis to choose his bride. Though people have criticised Harman as too wooden and non expressive,I thought he did well and suited the role.

The movie is based on Kimball Ravenswood a novel by Madhu Rye. I was very curious as to what the name of the novel meant. I finally read somewhere that Kimball Ravenswood refers to a Place in USA which is where the central character of the novel lives and which has a lot of Gujurathi population.

There was a serial telecast in 1989 called Mr Yogi and it was based on this novel. Mr Yogi(the very simple Mohan Gokhale) was a NRI looking for a bride in India. I cant help but notice the numbers affecting this story. The serial was telecast in 1989, Mohan Gokhale died in 1999 and the movie based on the serial/book released in 2009. Strange, huh?

Every episode was wonderful as it would show him meeting the girl(with a very distinct personality) and at the end of every episode something odd would happen that would make the hero call off the proposal.

One episode that I remember even now was when Mr Yogi goes to meet this really tall girl(Radha Seth). The whole interaction between the couple goes really well with just one problem-the gurl just would not stand. Ultimately Mr Yogi asks the gurl to stand up and pose for a photograph and thats when he realizes that all he can see in the camera are her shoulders(she is that tall).

The series ended with the protagonist marrying this girl whom he meets at random places throughout the serial. I think he realizes that he had the most rapport with her and it helped that he never met her with the intention of marrying her.

I and my friend were discussing about this serial and just marvelling at how beautiful and concise the whole series was that it got wrapped up in 13 episodes in the Doordarshan era. In today's time if Ekta kapoor would make this serial I cant imagine what she would do to the plot.

First of all she would make the hero meet 100 girls and then when he finally chooses one girl she would cheat on him and then he would go into depression and again start searching and again see 100 women. On the other hand the girl who cheated him would also see 100 guys making it a 300+ episode nightmare!

Post Script--Tons of people come here looking to find which girl does the whats your rashi hero marry?
It's Sanjana-the Aquarius girl something that did not make a lot of sense to the people who have seen the movie. The only explanation I can think of is that the hero was from Chicago and he would obviously want someone a bit sensible, modern with a cosmopolitan lifestyle and upbringing. I guess Sanjana was the only gurl that fit the bill which explains why he didnt marry the cancerian girl inspite of having so much chemistry with her.

I hope 'Whats your Rashi' does well...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Burger King cold coffee-I love it!

Coffee drinking has been a new experience for me. I was never crazy about it but here in US, people love coffee. They literally have it all the time.

I started drinking cold coffee at Starbucks and then graduated to McDonalds and eventually Burger King Mc joe cold coffee. The Burger King cold coffee took me completely by surprise and is now my most favourite drink. It costs 2 bucks and has nearly 360 calories! I didnt know that but a little googling revealed the numbers. Since it is so high on calories but also equally high on taste, I have it on happy fridays along with fries. The combination is beyond awesome.

I also found out that it has chocolate syrup mixed in it which gives it that different taste. The Starbucks and Mcdonalds coffees are good but sometimes I have had bitter and not so good drinks from them.

If you havent tried the Burger king cold coffee, you must cause I was genuinely happy with the drink and I really wonder why the management is not promoting something thats so tasty and can become a fast growing product.

On a side note-Ever wonder why their mascot the Burger King is so creepy? His smiling face scares me!

Best Kanye spoof video of all time-of ALL TIME!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Funny people -My movie review

So I saw "Funny People" the latest Adam Sandler movie which also had Seth Rogen and Leslie Mann.

Before I get on to the review, its funny how I got the free tickets to this advance show of the movie. Usually I never win any contests or such, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this mail that I had got 2 free passes to the movie in a newspaper contest. The only irritating part was that I had to go all the way to the newspaper's office to collect the passes myself.

So just came back from the screening and these are my two cents on the movie. The plot is pretty simple-a "supposedly" dying stand up comedian realizes how shallow his life is and tries to catch up with all the important people he forgot about(his sister, family, his ex girlfriend etc).

Adam Sandler plays the part of the comic while Seth rogen plays his protogee who he tries to groom before he fades away from life. The good parts are that the dialogues and people are funny and elicit many a chuckle from you. The bad part is that sometimes the pace of the movie really drags and some editing could have worked wonders. I though the second half of the movie loses its way completely as if the director finally realized that he had no story to tell us in the first place. However I especially thought that jonah Hill who plays Seth Rogen's room mate was hilarious. The way the guys talk to each other was so natural and a good highlight of the story.

I would rate the movie as slightly better than average and almost close to good. It could have been a lot better if the story had led the viewers somewhere. The ending didnt leave that big an impression on the audience and thats something that hopefully the director Judd Apatow will take care of next time.

If I had to rank Apatow's movies, Knocked up and 40 yr old virgin are definetly more higher than this one. Funny people is funny but in bits and parts.

Here are few(of the already very few) funny quotes from "funny people"-a movie that took itself way too seriously :)


Mark: When my grandfather died, there was one candle next to his bed. And the candle started flickering. We all thought it was him going to Heaven, you know?

Leo: You don't pass through fire to get to Heaven. I think he went to Hell.
George Simmons: Is your act designed to make sure no girl will ever sleep with you?

George Simmons to Ira: "You're my only friend," he tells Ira, "and I don't even like you."

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"500 days of Summer" aka The Flasback of a lost love

Saw an advanced screening of "500 days of Summer" yesterday. Outside the theatre, the Harry Potter fans had laid seige to the entire place decked up in Harry Potter costumes and it looked more like a HP party for the fans waiting for the 12 am show of Harry Potter.There was even a TV crew filming the HP fans and their excitement.
Coming back to our movie, 500 days of Summer is based on a very nice premise. And as they say in the title its not a love story, its a story about love.

Before the movie began, the promoters distributed Tshirts and Los Angeles Lonely Planet guidebooks when we were waiting in the line. That was really cool and a fun
way to start the movie experience.

The viewers keep going back and forth with Tom(Joseph Gordon-Levitt) as he goes over all the events in the 500 days of his relationship with Summer(Zooey Deschanel).
Its the age old cycle of events we rehash in our mind after we break up with someone special. What really went wrong, what were the warning signs, did I miss something etc.
Summer does not believe in love and being tied down to relationships while Tom is the eternal hopeless romantic looking to fnd the one. He meets Summer and falls in love completely. Their romance is cute and quirky but runs into rough weather when Tom expresses his desire to have a more serious relationship.

The characters make you feel connected to the story and are right in their individual ways. Both the leads have very good chemistry and are perfect for their roles. Zooey looks a bit jaded in this compared to another movie of hers, "Failure to launch" in which she looked much better and fresher.

There are a couple of very cute scenes like when Tom wakes up to a happy world after spending the night with Summer, the Ikea post marriage shopping etc.

I like what Tom's friend suggests so wisely to Tom when he is grieving about losing Summer. She asks him to look back at not only the good times but also the bad times which is so important cause the heart cleverly filters out the bad parts and only makes you remember the good parts after a break up.

500 days of summer is worth watching once for sure. It will make you think about love and why it means different things to different people based on the situations that happen to you. Again a very beautiful tag line-Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn’t.

Recommended viewing.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Say Anything-Cute date movie!

I watched "Say Anything" today and thoroughly enjoyed it. Its the typical 80's movie but has a lot of sense and sensibilty in the plot.

The movie revolves around the love story of John Cusack and Ione Skye(Iloyd Dobler and Diane COurt). The love story is unexpected in the way it begins and the way it moves forward cause its so real and true to life. The silly things we do to win over someone, the joys of first love, the pain of losing it, the thrills of spending time together, and generally just being happy on finding the one..

I like the tagline of the movie-To know Lloyd Dobler is to love him. Diane Court is about to know Lloyd Dobler. The boom box scene is cheesy but oh so romantic with Cusack playing the romantic Peter gabrielle song holding the boombox over his head.

Loved all the hilarious dialogues which are many and spread throughout the film. "Say Anything' is explained that when you are truly comfortable with someone, you can say anything and thats true.
Must watch 80's movie of John Cusack.