Monday, December 8, 2008

Rab ne bana di jodi-God has chosen the pair

The promos of the 'Rab ne bana di jodi' show the king khan prancing around supposedly in the bylanes of Delhi for the Haule Haule song . He looks really thin in this song-extreme weight

The other songs don't seem to be very good in contrast to the norm of having outstanding music for Yashraj movies and that too average music in a movie that has been directed by Aditya Chopra? Seems strange. One smart move by Adi is that he has not released too many promos of the movie so the audience does'nt know what to expect.

The plot looks like the kinds in which Shahrukh can play dual roles like Amol Palekar did in Golmaal. The clothes in Rab ne are quite nice with the pathani suits and all(which shud become a rage soon). Rab ne has some actor in a surprise element also but I forgot who that is.
I did'nt like the actress(Anushka Sharma) when I saw her for the first time but she
seems to have done a decent job. She is at least far better than Shahrukh's previous costar debutante(Deepika) who could not act for nuts.
Lets wait and watch how it all turns out. It shud do very good business but I think Ghajini will be a far bigger hit than this.
Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

I am sure Gajini would be smthing to look fwd to. But it seems to be copied from an English movie.

Hey,I would appreciate if you commented on my latest post :)


bollyviewer said...

SRK does look like he needs a decent meal, ASAP! After the actresses its now the turn of actors to go to size 0, I guess. If RNBDJ turns out be even half as much fun as Golmaal, it will be paisa vasool! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ghajini is a remake of ‘Memento’
Wht can u expect frm a rip off!

Shahrukh always mesmerizes me vit his effortless performances...Six pack abs at 40-plus is commendable to say the least..

U shud have seen the crowd outside Mannat on his bday. It was hysterical..

He continues to inspire me..I love him to death

B said...


Will check ur post soon..I have seen the Tamil version of Ghajini and its very good to see what Aamir has done to Surya's role

RNBDJ shud be good and SRK will always ensure that its a complete masala movie..he sure looks thin though

Yes Even I am a SRK fan..
please do let me know if ever u get to interview him :)

Anonymous said...

It opened here over the weekend and tickets were completely booked. I'm hoping to go to the theater next weekend. It looks fun and so far I'm enjoying the soundtrack.

Dream'R said...

totally not related tot he topic..but how do i know u??...!!!