Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blind dating-The movie

Blind dating is a very good, cute romantic movie. The trailors and the publicity does not do justice to the story and the characters. The cast acts well and all the scenes feel very real. I initially thought its a chick flick but its nothing like that.

The plot revolves around a visually impaired person(Chris Pines) who is trying to find the one he wants to be with. His brother sets him up on some really bad albeit funny "blind" dates. Eventually he meets an Indian girl(Anjali ray) who he falls for. How love shows him the way is the crux of the remaining story.

Its simple and involves a bit of the Indian angle(family issues,pesky relatives,promises etc) so that was the reason I picked it up.

The movie is quite enjoyable and will take u by surprise. Highly recommended.

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