Saturday, November 7, 2009

London Dreams Review(or is it London Nightmare)-As bad as it gets :(

There are textbook examples of how movies should not be made. London dreams is one of those samples. Sadly the director Vipul SHAH makes a huge mistake with this movie. It is so cheesy and non funny that its hard to believe that the director of the movie is the same guy who made the delightful "Namaste London".

Ajay Devgan does not suit the role of a trying to strike it big singer(Arjun) and its painful to watch him lip synching to the songs. He does not like what he is doing and neither do we, the viewers. Salman Khan as Ajay's best friend Manu is as usual as outrageous as it gets. He hams to glory and thinks he is doing a good job in the role of Ajay devgan's friend. Unfortunately thats not the case at all. His character had a lot of scope but he squanders that away. Thankfully he is "unintentionally" hilarious because of his pathetic acting and cringeworthy dialogues. Asin does not have anything to do in the movie except to look good.

The script is fairly weak and does not hold your attention. You will be flummoxed to see Ajay Devgan's character punishing himself by belting(why???). There is even a jealous about friend angle that's straight from the outdated 90's movies. Seriously who cares about a plot like that and who was in charge of the script??

London Dreams is a musical film but sadly the music is so bleh. There is just one song in the whole movie thats memorable and its "Barso Barso". The rest of the songs are downright bad.

I had read somewhere that the director had spared no expenses in making Asin look beautiful. It was even reported that he spent over 2 lakhs for some shoe she wanted. I wish they had spent half of that amount to tone up and rewrite the senseless script.

While watching London Dreams, I could'nt believe that Ajay devgan and Salman Khan was the same amazing combination thaL acted so well in "Hum Dil de chuke sanam". In London dreams they seem to be acting in the version of "Hum silly ho chuke sanam".

After enjoying a fun movie like "Wake up Sid", the audience expects other directors to churn out good stuff like that. However the director of this debacle has not received the memo.

London Dreams is more like a nightmare. Wembley stadium se nafrat ho gayi hai.
A sad waste of top actors and locations for a sad excuse of a story.

I am in shock that Taran Adharsh and other reviewers have actually liked this..what were they watching?

Avoid this bad dream and save your time.

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