Friday, May 22, 2009

Adam Lambert is a Star and the coolest Idol!!(Kris who?)

I am quite heartbroken that Adam Lambert did not win American Idol. He was one singer that truly deserved to win. The problem was everyone thought that he would win and there was no chance in hell that Kris could beat him. But then the finale proved us all wrong and I firmly believe that its really a "Mad world" that didnt crown Adam as the winner of Idol.

Truth is I started noticing Adam only after he sang "Mad world". The way he sung the song was beyond what words can explain. I can listen to that song over and over again. You can watch other videos of his songs which are all getting major hits on Youtube. check out his funny dance action after getting selected in the Top 36. It will surely make you smile.

His look is so different that you have to notice his raven hair, guyliner and black polish. It makes him look Gothic and really cool. The best part was that he changed his looks for each of his songs and thats what you want to see in a performer.

I also came across a highschool pic of Adam and he looks so different(blonde and a little on the heavier side). He definitely looks much better now. He also sang at the graduation ceremony of his college. The song as usual had his signature wail/shriek at the end ;)

One thing I know for sure if that if he ever performs in San Diego, I will be rooting for our hometown guy. I dont think Kris Allen can ever beat that or give the audience the "Adam" experience.

Adam's performance in the finale of American Idol with KISS was the highlight of the show. The pyrotechnics, the song, the fireworks-It was quite a spectacle. The people watching the show live must have had the time of their lives.

Glambert fans(like me) have been pretty upset with the turn of events but I have read several sites and they all say the same thing. The loss does not matter cause Adam is here to stay. His presence on AI made this season of Idol the best ever.

Hope Lambert comes back soon with an amazing album sometime soon. All said and done, Adam is a star and he is here to stay nah Rule.

Pics of Adam enjoy!!

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