Saturday, June 27, 2009

ICE AGE 3-dawn of the dinosaurs-Its good!!!

Caught an early morning advance screening of Ice age 3-Dawn of the dinosaurs.

There was a long line of people clutching the movie advance passes outside the theatre and we had to wait patiently for nearly half an hour before they let us in. We were lucky cause just after us they had only 10 more seats left.

The movie was really worth it. There was lots of action, comedy, cuteness and a whole bunch of jungle characters(squirrels, Diego, the sloth etc) that we have grown to be fond of.

Ray Ramono as Manny the mammoth and Queen Latifah as his partner elephant are so apt for their voice roles. The dinosaurs didnt get too much screen time but the baby dinos were super cute. The 3-D effects really enhances the feel of watching the movie.
Its nice that it reiterates the best things in life are having a nice family, good friends and thats whats most important!! Ice Age 3 drives home the point really well and is a must watch for young and adults alike.

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Anonymous said...

the ice age series is one of my favourites...looking forward to seeing this one...