Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"500 days of Summer" aka The Flasback of a lost love

Saw an advanced screening of "500 days of Summer" yesterday. Outside the theatre, the Harry Potter fans had laid seige to the entire place decked up in Harry Potter costumes and it looked more like a HP party for the fans waiting for the 12 am show of Harry Potter.There was even a TV crew filming the HP fans and their excitement.
Coming back to our movie, 500 days of Summer is based on a very nice premise. And as they say in the title its not a love story, its a story about love.

Before the movie began, the promoters distributed Tshirts and Los Angeles Lonely Planet guidebooks when we were waiting in the line. That was really cool and a fun
way to start the movie experience.

The viewers keep going back and forth with Tom(Joseph Gordon-Levitt) as he goes over all the events in the 500 days of his relationship with Summer(Zooey Deschanel).
Its the age old cycle of events we rehash in our mind after we break up with someone special. What really went wrong, what were the warning signs, did I miss something etc.
Summer does not believe in love and being tied down to relationships while Tom is the eternal hopeless romantic looking to fnd the one. He meets Summer and falls in love completely. Their romance is cute and quirky but runs into rough weather when Tom expresses his desire to have a more serious relationship.

The characters make you feel connected to the story and are right in their individual ways. Both the leads have very good chemistry and are perfect for their roles. Zooey looks a bit jaded in this compared to another movie of hers, "Failure to launch" in which she looked much better and fresher.

There are a couple of very cute scenes like when Tom wakes up to a happy world after spending the night with Summer, the Ikea post marriage shopping etc.

I like what Tom's friend suggests so wisely to Tom when he is grieving about losing Summer. She asks him to look back at not only the good times but also the bad times which is so important cause the heart cleverly filters out the bad parts and only makes you remember the good parts after a break up.

500 days of summer is worth watching once for sure. It will make you think about love and why it means different things to different people based on the situations that happen to you. Again a very beautiful tag line-Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn’t.

Recommended viewing.

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