Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wake up SID- **Superb fun**

Its breezy;its fun;its Sid waking up to Life.

Wake up Sid is the hit version of Lakshya movie.
Lakshya failed because the movie got too serious and lost its plot(in the second half) about the aimless young man. In wake up Sid, the audience's interest is maintained along every pivotal point of his life because the complete story is about Sid.

I dont recall the last time a Hindi movie hero telling someone to stop being a 'Pakau':) There were so many beautiful moments in the movie which are so realistic. Kudos to the director Ayan Mukherji for capturing all of those nuances in his debut venture.

The examples being the cranky old woman scolding Ayesha when she comes looking for the house, SId's outburst at his friend when he fails the test(lamenting as to why his friend didnt fail like him), Sid and Ayesha's fight when she gets jealous etc. I found Sid's interaction with the servant boy very hilarious.

The last 2 dialogues in the movie are classic-Sid ask Ayesha so simply, "Why did u have to say that you love me in the magazine. You could have said that at home?" I had the widest grin when he said that.

I especially loved Sid's intercation with his mom(Supriya Pathak) who has played the part really well. They way her character struggles with English but still wants to connect to her son is quite touching. Anupam Kher also does his part in being the strict father who simply wants his kid to grow up and become mature.

The movie has Konkana in virtually the same role that she has done in upteen other movies- that of a independent young woman trying to find a foothold in the city and making her way somehow or the other. She is good but I think she is got typecast for sure. Its practically the same character she has played in Metro, Laga Chunari main daag, Page 3, Luck by chance.

The funny part is in Page 3 and Metro she played a similar part so to speak of a woman who finds out that her boyfriend is gay. Its funny as to why her directors make her do the same roles and scenes over and over again.

Ranbir is the star of Wake up Sid. From the first frame he carries the film on his shoulders and does an outstanding job. He has definetly arrived with this movie.

I liked Wake up Sid a lot cause its so non filmi. It practically felt as if we were privy to the lives of this set of young people in Mumbai who are coming to terms with being adults. I hope the director Ayan gets many more chances of making such good films.Highly recommended.

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