Monday, September 28, 2009

##Whats your Rashi and Mr Yogi serial similarity##

Whats your Rashi released recently and is facing a tough time with critics. I liked the trailer and the concept of a guy meeting girls from 12 different rashis to choose his bride. Though people have criticised Harman as too wooden and non expressive,I thought he did well and suited the role.

The movie is based on Kimball Ravenswood a novel by Madhu Rye. I was very curious as to what the name of the novel meant. I finally read somewhere that Kimball Ravenswood refers to a Place in USA which is where the central character of the novel lives and which has a lot of Gujurathi population.

There was a serial telecast in 1989 called Mr Yogi and it was based on this novel. Mr Yogi(the very simple Mohan Gokhale) was a NRI looking for a bride in India. I cant help but notice the numbers affecting this story. The serial was telecast in 1989, Mohan Gokhale died in 1999 and the movie based on the serial/book released in 2009. Strange, huh?

Every episode was wonderful as it would show him meeting the girl(with a very distinct personality) and at the end of every episode something odd would happen that would make the hero call off the proposal.

One episode that I remember even now was when Mr Yogi goes to meet this really tall girl(Radha Seth). The whole interaction between the couple goes really well with just one problem-the gurl just would not stand. Ultimately Mr Yogi asks the gurl to stand up and pose for a photograph and thats when he realizes that all he can see in the camera are her shoulders(she is that tall).

The series ended with the protagonist marrying this girl whom he meets at random places throughout the serial. I think he realizes that he had the most rapport with her and it helped that he never met her with the intention of marrying her.

I and my friend were discussing about this serial and just marvelling at how beautiful and concise the whole series was that it got wrapped up in 13 episodes in the Doordarshan era. In today's time if Ekta kapoor would make this serial I cant imagine what she would do to the plot.

First of all she would make the hero meet 100 girls and then when he finally chooses one girl she would cheat on him and then he would go into depression and again start searching and again see 100 women. On the other hand the girl who cheated him would also see 100 guys making it a 300+ episode nightmare!

Post Script--Tons of people come here looking to find which girl does the whats your rashi hero marry?
It's Sanjana-the Aquarius girl something that did not make a lot of sense to the people who have seen the movie. The only explanation I can think of is that the hero was from Chicago and he would obviously want someone a bit sensible, modern with a cosmopolitan lifestyle and upbringing. I guess Sanjana was the only gurl that fit the bill which explains why he didnt marry the cancerian girl inspite of having so much chemistry with her.

I hope 'Whats your Rashi' does well...


Mithun said...

i thought that he would marry the cancerian too, but then he goes for the glam doll in the end...

ok movie really, could have done without all the songs though...

ligne said...

the end was as random as it could get...making some story about her boyfriend cheating her etc...

thanks for reminding me how mr yogi ended.. i just remembered it being more sensible..

anyway, if AG had it well though out he should have made the movie in two parts and little more might have even run longer :)