Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Maine Pyar Kiya - It's all about winning the parents

‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ is really a saccharine sweet movie from the late 80's. It was released sometime in 1989 to be precise. I remember the headline for the review of the movie by Khalid Mohammed in the Times of India was titled 'Vague Entertainment'. I didn’t know the meaning of vague then so I assumed that it should mean something good. Don’t ask me why I remember such nonsensical things but that’s how it is with me.

Anyway I digress from the main point which is that when the movie was released it became such a huge hit and a rage everywhere. Every girl wanted to be like the stunningly beautiful Bhagyashre. Young guys had a new idol to look upto-the lean-mean and overtly good looking Salman Khan.

Many girls stitched clothes like the simple salwar kameezes worn by Bhagyashree. What's really amazing about this diminutive actress is that she still looks as young as she did, 20 years ago. Of course the fact that she sacrificed everything and bid adieu to movies to set up her family on her husband's diktat (who didn’t approve her acting with other co stars) is probably the sweetest thing done in the name of love.

Salman of course went from strength to strength after this movie and he is what he is today. Our now famous comedian Raju Shrivastav I believe had a small character in MPK as a servant or something. The very talented and good looking Mohnish Behl (Nutan's son) got relegated to playing the bad guy in every role after this. Laxmikant Berde got stuck playing the hero's sidekick and unfortunately died a year or so back due to some health issues. Alok Nath and Reema Lagu continued to play the role of harried parents for another million years.

The one cute thing about Maine Pyar Kiya was that it brought friendship back into fashion (no... not the-i-dont-know-u but will u be my fren like on orkut) but the simple uncomplicated friendship that should be the basis for love. And that brings us to yet merchandise made popular by the movie-Friend caps. I didn’t purchase the ‘Friend’ cap though I saw it selling like hot cakes everywhere.

Dialogue time-
Ek ladka aur ke ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakthe(Boy and gurl cannot stop at being frens)
Nahee ho sakthe hain, agar ladka ya tho ladki dono main se ek thakela ho(No they can still stop at being frens if one of them is a loser) Just kiddin :)

MPK started the trend of saaf suthra Barjatya family romances set in Wankhede stadium like houses with an assortment of servants. Kabootars got a new lease of life and suddenly love was in the air. Everyone appreciated the basic premise of the movie which is that you don’t need to elope for your romance; you can work it out and win your love and parental approval.

What simple times were those... I try and watch some scenes of MPK even today when the movie is telecast on some channel. It is interesting to see romance as it once was.


Indian Home Maker said...

It's was a nice movie, saw it in bits and pieces on TV, but I feel sad for Bhagyashree's one sided love for her husband. if he truly cared for her he should have encouraged her to achieve success.
She could have become very successful, and he also could have joined something in the Bollywood.

Yes she still looks gorgeous, and seems to be a very simple and sweet girl.

Bones said...

Bhagyashree and her husband Himalaya (I think that's his name) 'starred' in a movie...Needless to say, it flopped miserably...Himalaya's problem is his ego (actually it is a problem with most men)...
Also, I think I remember reading that she went against her family's wishes to marry him and so could do nothing but obey her husband's wishes...Sad...

B said...

@Indian Home Maker

U are right. Himalay(her husband) should have encouraged her instead of putting shacles on her(I guess that showed how mature he was)

If she did marry him against her parents wishes then I guess that was why she had to agree to his starge rule of acting with her husband only..But I always thot that she deserved somebody better, of all the Ppl in the world HImalay??