Thursday, November 6, 2008

The spirit of Shahrukh Khan-the Actor rocks!!!

Shahrukh Khan is unparalleled in his devotion to his work and cinema. I was watching the trailor of his latest movie, 'Rab ne bana di jodi' and could'nt help but notice that he has aged a bit. I mean that shoul'nt be odd as he has been around for so long. But he is an icon for all that he has accomplished in all these years.

Shahrukh loves to talk about his movies, about life and about anything that the audience wants to know about him which is evident in all the interviews he gives to the magazines. There are many qualities of his which have made him the heart throb of a generations. But one very very inspiring and little know fact about Shahrukh khan is his never-say-die spirit.

I read a short bio about him in which he talks about the death of his father and mother and how that one incident affected his family profoundly. His sister became very unwell and never quite recevered and Shahrukh says that at that very painful moment in his life he had 2 options-Either perish and go down or to fight back and win in life and he chose the 2nd option. The King Khan's life is the most amazing success story ever which people will only come to know of whne they see the man behind the persona on screen.

The only grouse against Shahrukh is that the actor in him sometimes goes overborad and he tends to ham which is not all that good. He is the quintessential 'always-stealing-thegurl-from-someone-else' romantic hero and it is this role which suits him the best though he has tried to do other kinds of movies with moderate success. No other jodi has ever had the kind of success that the Shahrukh-Kajol combo has had at the silver screen.

All said and done, he is India's most favourite actor. I hope he succeeds and continues to entertain India for many many years.


The Layman said...

I wouldn't say Shah Rukh Khan is talented. He has 5 facial expressions, combines the 5 in different combinations and degrees and voila! he becomes the character..

Which is why it isn't a surprise that his characters resemble him in almost all the movies.

However, he still remains one of the best entertainers in the country. And yea! he wins millions of hearts with just those 5 expressions.

At NDTV's felicitation ceremony last year (for the star of the year) Rajnikanth (who won) was asked about whom he thought was the king of Bollywood.

Rajnikanth said "Amitabh is the shahenshah of bollywood" to which SRK asks "what does the baadshah have to do to become the shahenshah"

Ha! Attitude! :D

B said...


U know sometimes I feel that Shahrukh intentionally tries to play things up a bit by saying that he is offended at not being No1 and all(though he was affected badly once in 2000 Hrithik mania phase)..Today I dont think that matters to him at all.
Yes, His acting and his stock expressions have made him come under fire a lot but then he is what he is :)