Monday, November 24, 2008

Priyanka and Kangana - Friendship bites the dust

So the other day I was reading this news article about a ugly spat between Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranuat. What seems to have transpired is that Kangana has not liked the fact that critics have praised Priyanka so much for her perfomance in Fashion, and the former seems to think the same.

Now this got me thinking as to how bold Kangana Ranuat really is.

I mean if one looks back the Ranaut girl seriously has guts and gumption to give Priyanka the cold shoulder. Its been hardly any time since she has come on the movie scene(albeit with scorching performances in gangster,metro and Woh Lamhe). But instead of blending into the spotlight she is giving Priyanka who is her senior in the industry all of the attitude she can muster in her little frame.

She even did not publicize 'Fashion' or pose together with Mugdha and Priyanka anywhere for the movie. I dont know what will be the outcome of all this but I sorta like her brash attitude of I-m-better-soidont-give-a-darn-abt u. But Kangana definitely needs a break from the messed up characters she plays.

On the other hand you can learn a lesson or two in positivity from Priyanka. She has had 4-5 major back to back flops till she got 'Fashion' and 'Dostana' but she still didnt lose her chirpiness along the way. She did admit that when Lovestory 2050 tanked at the box ofice, it did break her heart. Although it is still beyond me as to why she was expecting anything good out of the 2050 disaster. Her performance is pretty good in the second half of 'Fashion' leading to the ice cold vibes with her co star Kangana.

Another filmi dosti goes kaput.


Anonymous said...

Interesting post here. I didn't realize there was a real life spat between the 2. I saw Fashion this weekend with a friend and he enjoyed Kangana's character and I said, "She always plays a girl who is just a complete mess, using drugs, screaming, wailing, having mental breakdowns, suicidal." And that's really true, she does that in all the movies you've mentioned; Gangster, Metro and Woh Lamhe. Poor Kangana needs to branch out and play a more mentally stable part, maybe playing psychos is getting to her. :) She was great and so was Priyanka, but overall I'd give it a 4/10, but still worth a watch.
All the best!

Anonymous said...

"But Kangana definitely needs a break from the messed up characters she plays" I AGREE lol..

Those depressing schizo characters r likely to impact her psyche..

but shes a fine actress..she emotes well but the minute she opens her mouth (dialogue delivery) she sucks..

her lines did not go beyond, 'u bastard' in

and the PC-KR cold war has been blown out of proportion..critics have raved both their performances..

and Kangana obviously knew wht was coming her way..the film belongs to Priyanka Chopra..its abt her trials n tribulations..her journey to stardom..Kangana had a small but pivotal role

B said...

@Bollywood foodclub-

I think Kangana has little choice in the role that she is offered and I guess everyone knows by now how much she excels doing the cuckoo characters..

yes Kangana is a fine actress though because she makes the roles look so effortless..and a pity that she didnt have a meatier role in fashion..she would have done amazingly better

Nicki said...

Interesting. I did not know that about PC and KR. I like KR a lot. I do want her to play more roles besides the same types but I love her for doing that. Because as a newbie, for her to debut that way is very bold instead of the usual girl-next-door and dancing-in-the-trees types.

I have yet to see Fashion because I enjoyed Page 3, Corporate, Traffic Signal, all of those type of films.