Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai in mourning-Still reeling after the attacks

It has been the 3 most sad days for Mumbai. Terrorists attacked my beloved city and killed people indiscriminately. The first attacks started on Wednesday night and since then the body count has just been on the rise. All of us here at Mumbai are shocked, dazed, sad and very angry. This kind of terrorism has been happening to our Mumbai city over and over again. And still in spite of so many attacks we have never taken any harsh action against terrorism.

The news channels are reporting that the intelligence agencies were aware from many days now of suspicious activity. It is very sad that in spite of having prior information nothing was done to prevent this tragedy. Politicians do a lot of talking, there is a bit of discussions, huge reports are written and then all is forgotten.

I agree with what the panelists said that we need terror specialists in every city and a very effective crisis management in place. Also we need to have a separate court for dispensing justice in terrorist activities. The need of the hour is to make sure that we give the harshest punishment to terrorists. No one should ever terrorize us again.

Thankfully this time nobody praised the spirit and resilience of Mumbai city. And this is fittingly so because there is no so called spirit of Mumbai. The only spirit we were showing was because there was work to be done and so we always went back. But now we are tired of being abused and laid low in the manner by the cowards who attack us.

No one can understand the pain of a young child who lost both his parents or the pain of scores of people who have to now bury their dead after facing such an enormous tragedy themselves. We have lost the bravest officers and many people from all walks of life-rich and poor. The image of the Taj hotel burning is extremely traumatizing. These past nights have been the most harrowing time of our lives.

Please give the highest punishment to the people who have killed my Mumbai city. The common man is completely heart broken and cannot bear any more pain. May God give all of us here in Mumbai the courage to face this tragedy.


Just call me 'A' said...

i hope they get executed or stoned or shot at as indiscrimately as they did to others. this has been so shattering. but mumbai will survive. the spirit will be damped but it will survive. it has to. my home too :(
BTW; Hi, welcome to my blog.

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

And the romanticism with which we continue to view the ordinary is at work again.