Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Classic-My favourite Korean romantic movie!

The Classic a south Korean romantic movie has become my favourite romance movie of all time.

The movie has everything in it. A little bit of comedy, huge dose of melodrama and fine acting by all the actors. The Classic is the story told in flashback of a daughter who is reading her mother's love letters to her former lover. That story is told in parallel to the present story of the daughter who is in love in a very similar situation like her mother.

How fate plays its part in making love find its way is beautifully told through the movie. The ending of the movie is phenomenal and completes the circle of love ;) Incidentally the daughter and the mother's role are played by the same actress. She has also done an outstanding job in another wonderfully romantic movie, 'A moment to remember'.

The movie was released in 2003 and looks a lot like 'The Notebook'. However it is very different apart from a few similarities.

I was blown away by the beautiful romantic scenes many of which are quite emotional. The director has indeed done a good job and I am just curious as to why Bollywood has not tried to remake this movie. If they do someday they should make Ranbir Kapoor play the former lover,KOnkana Sen/Priyanka Chopra to play the heroine and the present day lover could be played by Harman Baweja. All I hope for is that the Indian director does not change the script at all as it is a very good script that should be kept as it is.

Watch this movie, The classic as its one of the best romances I have seen in a long long time.I want to applaud the director director Kwak Jae-yong for creating such a good must watch romance. The actors in this movie were Son Yeh-jin and Cho Seung-woo.

Other honorable mentions of really cute romantic movies I have seen so far-

A moment to remember-Again its a very good story with a sad end. I am quite fed up of Korean actresses dying in every single movie. But apparently this is what becomes a hit in Korea so there is nothing that can be done. That said, this movie depicts a touching romance between a forgetful girl and a aspiring architect and makes you long for a love they share.

The girl suffers from Alzeihmers disease and its heartbreaking to watch her lose her memories at such a young age. It makes you realize how precious our memories are and how dreadful it would be to lose them. The movie starred Jung Woo-sung and Son Ye-jin in the lead roles.

The last dialogue of the film 'saranghe' spoken by the husband to his ill wife, which means 'I Love you' in Korean is the best ending to the movie.

My little bride - This is a super cute romance between a school girl and a much older guy who she gets married to. The couple have to keep their marriage a secret but have loads of fun and trouble along the way. Again a very light, comic romance that will have you smiling throughout the movie. It has Moon Geun Young, Kim Rae Won in the lead roles. My little bride is one movie that I could watch again and again. I wish korean directors would make more such happy movies like 'My little Bride'.The young actress Moon has done a good job in this movie too.

Innocent steps-This is a sweet movie of two dancers who are brought together by circumstances beyond their control. To win the dance competition they have to put on the charade of being married and as love stories go, they fall in love slowly while preparing for the competition. The movie had Moon Geun-young
Park Geon-hyeong in the lead roles.

200 pounds of beauty- This is a hilarious movie that depicts the struggles of an overweight woman who is a backup singer in love with her boss. She undergoes a plastic surgery and has a complete makeover after which she literally has everyone going nuts about her. with her beauty she has to pay a price of losing her individuality and how she copes up is the rest of the story. This film had some super hilarious scenes one which should not be missed as they are so funny.

Here is the trailer of 'The Classic'..

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