Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Korean movies :)

So I have seen more South Korean movies this week. Here are few more of the ones that were really entertaining.
My tutor friend (2003)-This is a comedy thats fun all the way. The story is of a young girl hired to be a tutor to a rich brattish guy. How she struggles to teach him and how they get together is the main plot.

Again there is lots of comedy and no sadness here so that makes this a good watch. There were some really funny scenes between the father and the son, the brat and the young plain tutor etc. It starred Kwon Sang-Woo and Kim Ha-Neul.

The film's success caused another version of the movie to be released called 'My tutor friend 2'

Temptation of the Wolves/Romance of their own (2004)-

This was a weird movie and you will understand why when you see the movie. The story deals with a very average Korean girl coming to live at her mother's house after her father's death. At her new school not one but two really good looking guys fall for her. One is the head of her school and the other is from the rival school. Now the girl is in a fix and it doesnt help that both have fallen for her for no reason at all. The movie goes at a fast pace and soon the twist is revealed. It frankly makes people a little sick when you realize how twisted the love story is. Kang Dong-won who plays the main love interest suits the role perfectly but the girl is not believable. Apparently the temptation of the wolves title is because wolves are supposed to be loners and all that and one of the characters is just like that-a loner longing for some love.

Windstruck (2004)-
Now this is a movie I really enjoyed. I am not surprised that it was a major success in Korea. It depicts the romance between a lady cop and an innocent guy that she accidentally arrests on their first meeting.

As time progresses the plot shows them having a good life together but before long there is trouble in paradise. The hero dies accidentally and how the girl copes up forms the rest of the story. There were a lot of good things happening in the story as the scenes are very unconventional and make you smile and cry a bit. The ending is quite nice as it almost hints to a prequel of 'My sassy girl'.

Her boyfriend's role is played by a very endearing guy who suits the role well. Some of the scenes are really touching and worth watching over and over again.I liked the dialogue that the hero tells the girl when she dreams about him after his death.

He says- "When we meet again, tell me all the happiest memories you experienced from this life".

After watching this movie, you will understand why the gurl behaves the way she behaves in the other movie. The director of 'My sassy girl' and 'Windstruck' are the same. Again the name 'Windstruck' is highly unusual but has some connection with the hero always wanting to be like the wind after his death. Highly recommended.

Daddy long legs-
Many people had recommended this movie as well for being a good one. It begins slowly as we are introduced to this girl who has just moved into the city as radio station writer.

Throughout her life some benefactor has alwys taken care of her-paying her tuition fees, expenses etc. She always misses meeting who this person is and refers to him as 'daddy long legs' because she saw the shadow of his long legs once as he passed by her. Bizarre but true.
At the new workplace she meets a cute librarian and they strike up a friendship that translates into love but has a huge melodramatic twist at the end when she realizes who her benefactor is.

He was cool-
I never expected 'He was cool' to be so much fun. Its really an amazing romantic comedy with a little bit of everything. There is fighting, romance, friendship, disease,death and redemption. The heroine of the movie unfortunately committed suicide in 2007 and its sad cause she acts very cutely in this flick.

The story is of a bad boy kind of protagonist who meets a quirky high school girl by accident. And once they start going around, the fun does not stop. The story moves along well and holds your attention.There are some very good fight scenes in this. Its pure timepass.

I especially loved the Karaoke scene when the girl is staring starry eyed at her boyfriend who literally cannot hit a single note correctly during his singing. This movie thankfully has a happy ending. Its interesting that both 'He was cool' and 'Temptation of the Wolves' was written by an Internet writer 'Guiyeoni'.

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