Saturday, December 19, 2009

"First Kiss"-Beautiful Korean romantic movie

First Kiss(1998)-

This is another South Korean movie that I liked a lot. The movie stars Ahn Jae Wook as Kyeong Hyeon and Choi Ji Woo as Yeon Hwa.

Its falls under the genre of romantic comedy/drama. At the begining of the story, we are introduced to this shy plain looking newsreporter who lives in a world of her own. She wears loose baggy mens wear and does not care about make up or any such beauty related things. The movie does not explain much as to why she is, the way she is although we do see a stupid guy dumping her on a dinner date. Her newsroom is filled with a bunch of characters which includes her boss having an affair with his subordinate etc.The boss's story runs in parallel with our main heroine's story.

One day a photographer comes in to work at the office. He has a smiling personality and his playful happy nature is the complete opposite to the gurl's nature. He gets attracted to her and constantly follows her around clicking pictures while she interviews people for the magazine. At first she is really pissed at his behaviour but his persistence pays off and the ice maiden begins to melt.

However she has never kissed a guy before which makes it very difficult and awkward for her to understand the guy's feelings for her. They soon get separated but destiny gets them back together. The climax is very beautiful as it brings their story to a happy conclusion and I love happy endings in Korean movies.

I was also very impressed by the way the writers wrote the characters of her boss who always tries his best to look out for her despite her moody nature. The hero's best friend is also a cool guy who always helps the hero in all of his computer related problems.

The story sounds a lot like the plot of the Hollywood movie,'Never Been Kissed 1999)' but this movie was released way before that in 1998. The story holds your attention and makes you root for the lovers to get together. The movie has been brilliantly written and directed. There is this beautiful scene in the rain inside a phone booth, which simply takes your breath away. It is a very honest moment when the hero sees the gurl up close without her trademark glasses.

I am just stunned that not many people know about this cute movie which has such a nice plot. It's simple without any over the top gimicks and melodrama. I hope someone makes a TV series out of this because I know for sure it will be pretty sucessful.

Its a wonderful movie and deserves to be watched as many times as you want to feel good about romance and life.

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