Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Must watch South Korean movies

South Korean romantic movies are something that I have recently discovered. These movies are quite entertaining and are a welcome change from our regular Hollywood and Bollywood movies. The titles however are quite funny and sometimes make little sense with the movie plot.

Some of the recent movies that I have enjoyed are--
Almost Love
A Millionaire's first love
My Sassy girl
100 days with Mr Arrogant
The Perfect Couple

Out of these movies, I liked 'A Millionaire's first Love' the best.

'Almost Love' is about the friendship of two good childhood friends who later realize that they have more than friendship going on between them. The last half hour of the movie is extremely sad and melodramatic but has some of the best scenes of the movie.

'A Millionaire's first love' is about a rich arrogant man who is forced by a clause in his grandfather's will to finish his graduation in a rural village. There he meets a girl with a terminal disease and how they spent the rest of their lives together forms the second half of the plot. The second half is very good as compared to the first half. It is just a little unconvincing how they fll in love so quickly but the romance in the latter half makes up for it.

'My Sassy girl' or 'My Bizarre girl' is a strange story. I didnt quite understand why this movie was so popular in Korea. Its about this sort of over the top girl who constantly keeps beating her guy. He is the narrator of the story and explains how he met her and how they began their relationship. Again the last half hour of the movie is very touching and it has a very good dialogue by the main character when he explains to the girl how she should behave towards her future husband. It was remade in an American version and a Hindi movie, 'Ugly aur pagli' starring Mallika Sherawat and Ranvir Sheorey. The movie has one of the best endings I have seen so far and I really liked the part destiny plays in the story.

'100 days with Mr Arrogant' is just a teenage romantic comedy but is not as believable or enterataining as the rest of the movies I have seen so far. Its about a rich guy who fools a girl into being his personal attendent for 100 days.

The 'Perfect Couple' movie title is very misleading as this is not a romance movie at all. Its an action movie with two cops and a journalist who has an accident with one of the cops. The director though has done a good job as the story moves fast and is refreshing to see something new. The heroine's voice though is extremely screeching and irriating and can put you off. The hero who plays the main cop is quite handsome and suits the role well.

Will update this list as I watch more movies.

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