Monday, January 11, 2010

Korean words I learnt from Kdramas :)

Since I have been watching so much Korean stuff(dramas especially), I have learnt a bit of the Korean words that are most commonly used.

These are-

Noona- someone who is like an elder sister
Oppa- Someone who is like an elder brother but meaning changes depening on the person and

the intonation they use..
Saranghae - I love you
Sunbae- someone who is senior to you even by a few years or many years
Ahjussi- Mister/Sir
kamsamnida or Ko-ma-wo-yo - Thank you
Pabo/babo- Dumbo/Fool
Ka-ja - Lets Go
ppalli wa- come quickly
Annyong haseo -Hello
Cho-gee-yo - Excuse me
De- yes?
Araso- Got it..
Kenchana- Are u ok?
Ahh ja/ Fighting- This means 'All the best' / 'Go get them'
This was very confusing to me cause the English meaning of fighting is you know what.

Chew-eye-yo!- It’s cold!
An-nee-yo - No
Chin-guu - Friend
Yoja - woman/Girl

And oddly cellphones are referred to as "Hand Phones"-Why?

BTW here are some very nice pics of Lee Min ho- The Boys over flowers star. He looks pretty good in the drama and while modelling for Levi jeans.

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