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'Lovers in Paris' -Best romantic Korean drama..

I am so in love with Korean movies and dramas. 'Lovers in Paris' is the latest from Korea thats stolen my heart.

One of the most romantic and well written dramas is 'Lovers in Paris' which was broadcast on SBS in Korea. This Korean drama was telecast in 2004 and got very high ratings during its run. The main actors in this were-
Park Shin-Yang as Han Ki-joo
Kim Jung-Eun as Kang Tae-young
Lee Dong-Geon as Yoon Soo-hyuk

I was searching for Park Shin Yang's other movies when I came across this scene of 'Lovers in Paris'. Earlier I had seen his movie, "White Valentine" in which he had played the role of a sad, depressed young lover who is miserable after the death of his partner. I loved his acting in 'White valentine'. In many of the scenes, his eyes and body language did most of the talking.

I want to applaud the director, actors and the scriptwriter of this romantic Kdrama. They have created a beautiful series of episodes which showcase the love story so well.

In the opening episode we are introduced to Tae Young who is a struggling student in Paris. The series shows her wishing for money and happiness at the wishing fountain in Paris. She is a bit goofy and tends to mess up things but she has a very nice caring heart. She somehow gets a job as a housemaid in a rich man's place. The rich man is Han Ki-joo-the central character of 'Lovers in Paris'. He is a shrewd but smart businessman who has a very keen eye for things around him. He is a cut above the rest in all his business dealings.

Through a series of fun misunderstandings Tae-young ends up acting as his fake fiancee for a business deal. As the story progresses they find themselves drawn to each other. Park Shin-Yang performs his role very well as a jealous, super handsome lover. The plot thickens when the rich guy's nephew(Yoon Soo-hyuk) also gets attracted to the same lady. Now the lovers have to sort out amongst themselves as to who gets whom.

The music that plays during the series has a very catchy tune. The moment you hear that it registers in your memory. Also the director has utilized the amazing "Moon River" soundtrack from 'Breakfast in Tiffany's'. It is such a beautiful tune and raises the effect of the Kdrama to a different level.

I saw a couple of scenes of this drama on Youtube and was blown away by the intensity of the performances and the brilliant script and acting. The two lovers in this also got the 2nd place for a best kiss contest in Korea. The scene for which they won the award is below. They both look terribly cute and embarassed as the kissing scene is played out to the audience.

There are other amazing scenes in this Korean drama including a proposal scene which is hilarious. The main guy proposes to the girl by giving her three options and asks her to choose from yes, NO and maybe but whatever she chooses his option ends in marriage.

The best part is that even parodies of this drama are hilarious to watch. This clip from another television show proves that. I liked the way the singer in this parodied the important scenes from the drama.

Somehow I wonder why the director didnt make a movie out of this. But I guess Korean dramas are equally popular as Korean movies so it did not matter.

I wish I could someday write a brilliant script like this for an Indian serial. This is a must watch for all people who like romantic dramas which has a good amount of comedy too.

Spoiler Alert-Please dont read further as I am gonna jot down my thoughts about the ending to 'Lovers in Paris'.

I read at many places on the web that people don't like the ending of the drama. Personally I understand that they felt a bit cheated when everyone realized that the whole drama was just a screenplay that Tae Young was writing in real life while working as a maid in Han Jo's house. But the best part is they are destined to be lovers in real life as they end up meeting each other in the exact same circumstances as she has written in her fictional screenplay. It was one of the best non cliched happily ever after endings that I have seen.

Also I loved how the writers ended the series in Paris-the same place where the story started in the first place bringing to a full circle the series of events in the love story.

Three cheers to the wonderful Korean drama, 'Lovers in Paris'.

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