Friday, January 8, 2010

*** Must Watch Korean Movies ***

I have seen a whole lot of Korean Romantic movies these past few days. I wonder why not many people in India know about these movies. Maybe because we were never exposed to Korean cinema in our mainstream media or had any of these Korean movies telecast on Doordarshan in India.

Korean film makers are masters in romantic story telling. I have no idea why this is so but the scripts and the stories they show are the best I have seen in romantic dramas.

My only grouse against Korean movies is that someone or the other is always dying at the end of the story. It is such a common feature that its pure relief when a character does not die at the end of the film.

However there will always be a melodramatic twist at the end that will make you weep a bit. Other than that, I love KOREAN cinema!

I am posting a 3 part summary of the movies which I have enjoyed so far.

My favourite romantic Korean movies are-
Part 1-

The Classic-A young girl discovers a bunch of old love letters written to her mom by a lover. The mother's love story bears a striking resemblance to her daughter's present day love story. Both the old and new stories are interwoven together to create a movie thats beyond a classic. Loved every moment of this romantic fairytale. Must see for a beginner to Korea's romance movies.

Seducing Mr Perfect
A young woman who has had a string of bad romances accidentally runs into her boss. He is charming, drop dead handsome, smart, aloof and basically has all the qualities of the perfect man. They both strike a deal so that he can teach her the dating rules to help her win over a good man. Instead Love strikes them as expected.

My little bride
This is a really cute movie of a 15 year old school girl who has to marry a much older 24 year old guy because of her grandfather's wishes. It doesnt help that the young girl also has a crush on her schoolmate. How the married odd couple adjust to life and keep their married life a secret forms the rest of the funny romance.

First Kiss
One of my favourite romance movies was 'First Kiss'. It is a sweet story of a young woman who has never fallen in love in the real sense nor has she had her first kiss. She is a timid, lost in her thoughts journalist working for a small magazine. She meets a brash, over the top, ever smiling photographer who joins her company. How the two fall in love is what the movie is all about.

He was cool
I never expected 'He was cool' to be so much fun. Its really an amazing romantic comedy with a little bit of everything. There is fighting, romance, friendship, disease,death and redemption. The heroine of the movie unfortunately committed suicide in 2007 and its sad cause she acts very cutely in this flick. The story is of a bad boy kind of protagonist who meets a quirky high school girl by accident. And once they start going around, the fun does not stop. The story moves along well and holds your attention.There are some very good fight scenes in this. Its pure timepass.

A Millionaire's first love
A young rich arrogant guy is made to study in a rural village as part of a rule in his grandfather's will. There he meets a girl with a beautiful personality and a sad secret.
It has a very good second half that will make you emotional.

Now this is a movie I really enjoyed. I am not surprised that it was a major success in Korea. It depicts the romance between a lady cop and an innocent guy that she accidentally arrests on their first meeting. As time progresses the plot shows them having a good life together but before long there is trouble in paradise. The hero dies accidentally and how the girl copes up forms the rest of the story. There were a lot of good things happening in the story as the scenes are very unconventional and make you smile and cry a bit. The ending is quite nice as it almost hints to a prequel of 'My sassy girl'. Highly recommended.

My Sassy Girl
Actually to be very honest, I didnt find 'My sassy Girl' to be that entertaining. However it has a cracker of an ending when the two lovers realize the role destiny plays in their life. It is also credited with starting the romantic movie trend in South Korea and one of the biggest blockbusters ever in Korea.

A young man helps a drunk woman on a train. However this chance encounter leads to many more encounters in which the girl basically makes him dance to her tunes. He ultimately realizes that she acts so rudely and funny because of some issues in her life.I like the line in the movie, 'Destiny is building a bridge to the one you love'.

My Girl and I
After 10 years a man returns to his village which was where he met his first and only love of his life. He remembers their beautiful love story and how it changed his life.

Very beautiful cinematography.

A bunch of late twenty somethings grapple with life, love and jobs. Two girl friends and their love stories and friendship is shown in a very interesting manner. Its a light breezy entertainer.


Anonymous said...

Hi...I stumbled upon your blog today. I have seen some of these wonderful Korean movies and ever since I have been searching for more of them but in vain. Yours is the first blog which clearly lists out some my my favorites and the ones I wanted to see. I live in Hyderabad. I'd be thankful to you if you can suggest me some place to buy these in India or send me on CD/DVD(upon payment). Please drop me a message on

Anonymous said...

Great list! These are some of my favorite Hallyuwood movies! Speaking of love stories, a movie you can't turn down is the film FAILAN starring Hallyuwood actor Choi Min-sik... I'm sure you'll love it!

Ashish said...

hey buddy ...
dude , it seems like , ur a real korean freak , like me ...wen it comes to movies ....
i totally agree wid u ...these movies r nt much xposed in indian cinema .....
Koreans r gr8 story teller ,,,and CLASSIC and DAISY are d milestone among romantic movies ....
i'll suggest u some more ...
" 100 days with mr. arrogant
Baby and me .
200 pounds beauty ,
Love phobia ,
Sad movie
Daisy ( must watch after CLASSIC )
Happiness ,
my tutor's friend
Once upon a time in High school
Art of seduction
Too beautiful to lie ,

and do temmee ..if u found some new ...

Anonymous said...

korean movies are xtremely popular in states that share their border with china since the pirated dvd's are imported from there.

@ bhavyajain u cn gt korean dvds from any tibetan market bt i dunno if there is one in hyderabad. i recommend u go to sites like - or it'l be convinient for u 2 watch movies on them
my fav movies which u must watch are - romantic comedies -
my little bride,100 days with mr arrogant,my mighty princess,my sassy girl,old miss diary,lost and found, 2oo pounds beauty,

tearjerkers bt extremelyyyy awsum movies- moment to remember, love me not, the classic, windstruck,my girl and i, doremfasolati

i dunno why nobody mentioned here bt korean dramas are evn better than the movies.i am totally addicted to them. all of u guys should totally check them out-
boy over flower (for starters its the best , the story goes a little lame in the middle bt xtremely gud luking guys xp)
full house (its a little old so dont be bogged down by the hero's horrible clothes in the beggening of the drama!!]
my girlfriend is a gumiho
coffee prince { one of the bestestttt dramaz i've ever seen}
personal taste
ur beautiful
cinderella's siter

i hope u guyz enjoy watching them =)
mail me if u want any more info about them -

Anonymous said...

Wow! I didnt know people in India even watched Korean Movies~! Your list is pretty good! I watch more dramas as well cause they are just cute! Anyways I would like to commend you for actually making a list which not many have made!

terry said...

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kiran said...

@author how is daisy movie?

i hav bcam fan of jeon ji hyun by seeing my sassy girl nd windstrukc would u recommend any movies of her ?

Soyo said...

im very happy to see the blog, i like watching korean movies, i stay in hyderabad, please suggest me the place where i can get CD/DVD of korean movies. You can drop me the details on, thanks

Filebook said...

Great choices! I love all your k-movie listed here. My Little Bride and The Girl and I, are my two most watched movie of all time.

Anonymous said...

a few more movies i think you should add......romance of their own or temptation of the wolves,100 days with mr arrogant,baby and me n if you r into korean drama you should watch house full,playful kiss(the best),boys over flowers,goong 1(princess hours),school2013