Friday, October 24, 2008

Are you a desperate somebody?

Many or rather most of us have a darker side that is never really acknowledged by us. But what if circumstances in life expose our hidden nature? Should we be then branded as evil persons or is it fair that we come to terms that none of us are all good or all bad. This is just the dilemma facing the characters of the hit drama series- Desperate Housewives.

Henry David Thoreau wrote, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”. That sentence aptly sums up the premise of Star World’s latest offering- “Desperate Housewives” ; the zany drama series that’s making viewers go “Aha”. It’s the story of four housewives desperately trying to make most out of what life has to offer them. All of them are crazy, smart, beautiful and most importantly very, very desperate. These saucy ladies slowly realize that they must do, whatever pleases them to break out of the shackles of their situations, that had forced them to lead their mundane(read ordinary) lives.

Each of the housewives makes us realize that being a ‘housewife’ is no joke. Still waters run deep ‘coz although the women look happy on the outside, below the surface there is deep loneliness and insecurity. If that’s not all they also have quite a bit of dirty laundry which comes to the forefront as time goes by.

The first episode started in a mind-blowing manner (no pun intended) with the fifth housewife (Mary Alice) of this group ending her life all of a sudden. The remaining four housewives don’t have the faintest clue, as to what could prompt a perfectly happy woman to just end her life. Through the extremely stylish voiceover of the dead woman (!), the audience is introduced to each of the quirky inhabitants of Wisteria lane, an upper middleclass American neighborhood.

For those who came in late, here’s a short bio of each of the ‘desperados’ of the show.
=| Susan Myers (Teri Hatcher) is a softhearted, shy divorcee living with her teenaged daughter, who is still looking for that one perfect guy. In a coming of age manner, it’s her daughter who encourages her mom to get back to the dating scene.

=| Bree (Marcia Cross) is a terrible perfectionist who has made the life of her family a living hell, with her constant attention to details.

=| Gabrielle (Eva Longoria) is a former model who is caught in a loveless marriage with her husband, whose work has taken centre stage in his life. She has a casual, no frills relationship with a person who works for her husband and does not feel guilty about that at all. She is the hottest amongst all the ladies and the most stylish too.

=| Lynette Stavo (Felicity Huffman) was a successful business woman but had to give up her flourishing career when the kids came along. Her life has been reduced to a hapless condition because of her four hyperactive kids who are as mischievous as they can be.

The four women are unconsciously like a support group for each other. Their friend’s death makes them realize that she had a deep, dark secret that could have been the reason for her death. The suspense track is further enhanced in the weeks to come with both Mary Alice’s husband and son acting very suspiciously. In the ensuing episodes there has been further drama with a couple of accidents, arrests and new character developments of the seemingly innocuous people of Wisteria Lane.

The series has a lot of situations that shows human behavior with all its folly, superficiality and craziness. Like when a housewife poisons her husband knowingly/unknowingly when he wants a divorce from her. Another situation has a woman trying her best to invite her handsome neighbor for dinner but has a lot of issues doing that.

I have just seen a couple of episodes but I can safely say that the show just rocks. Most of new series that start, do take some time in getting a fan following but this drama is an exception to that rule. Many people including yours truly are addicted to the show and the progressive episodes have only gotten better. The show has all the ‘masala’ with weekly episodes on topics as diverse as dating issues, family problems, teen angst, obsessions, adultery-you get the drift.

Someone rightly said, “People are a lot like icebergs; there is so much more to them than what’s visible on the surface”. As the voiceover of the dead woman tells us, things are all around us; it’s just that we really need to ‘see’. So the big question is are you seeing the show, the world is talking about?

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