Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Help the elderly, aged in India-helpageindia

I feel very strongly for the elderly and the aged who have very little resources to support themselves at this stage in their lives.

The reason this cause is close to my heart is because I feel that for children as well as other non privileged sections of society, someone or the other may come ahead and support them. But for old people its all the more sad and upsetting for them after they have spent the best years of their life caring for their children and others. I remember reading this story about an old man who was treated badly by his son and how his grandchild makes his father realize that no one is exempt from getting old and treating parents well is most important. The feelings of loneliness and being neglected are especially more pronounced for the old people in a busy city like Mumbai where people have very little time to be with their families.

There are several celebrities that give huge donations in countries like US and UK for different charities. I wish someone would let them know how much their donations would be appreciated for these charitable organizations in India who do a lot of amazing work.

I especially like the fact that Salman Khan- the Bollywood actor (who gets a lot of negative press for his bad boy behavior) incidentally makes it a point to donate for various charities whenever he can. I hope many more celebrities in India can also emulate his generous acts.

Helpage India as well as several other philanthropic organizations in India work for the care and support of the elderly. Any donations that can be given to these organizations will be a huge support in this initiative for the aged people in our society.

Here are some of the links to these institutions that help the aged and other causes like the children, disabled etc-

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