Friday, October 24, 2008

Nach Meri Jaan, Tujhe title Milega (Paisa bhi)-- Old post

Nach baliye is a snazy dance show and the first one of its kind in India. I have no clue whether they have a reality show like this abroad. But the episode that I saw last Thursday was fantastic or in Mumbai parlance total paisa vasool. All the couples gave it their best shot and even went overboard as if their whole life depended on their dance performance :-)

This whole review is in reference to the first episode. What I liked about all the couples excluding one ( Neeru Bajwa and Amit Sadh) is the level of chemistry and enthusiasm for the whole event. Every couple wanted to do their best and the end result was a rocking show. Athough I must say that the show stretches for a looong time. Some more editing would make it a lot more interesting.

Sangeeta and Shabbir the show’s comperes were cool but in a surprising way I found Sangeeta to be a bit over the top while the guy, was subdued thanks to Sangeeta’s over the top screeching.

The couples that I really enjoyed watching were Rajeshwari-Varun Badhola and Archana-Parmeet. These two couples really made me cheer for them, I felt that they were that good.The following are just a few things I have noticed as of the first episode:

# Poonam Narula and Manish: Their dancing was okayish but they need to work on their costume and their energy levels as compared to other couples. Their dance was on ‘Salaam Namaste’ but their steps didnt look that exciting.

# Mihir Mishra-ManinniDe were super cute in their dance. For starters any one who has missed Mihir’s dance in the first episode really needs to get back and watch it. His dance was so laboured, that you could literally feel the trouble that he was having in doing his steps. The dance movements made him look a lot like Jimi Mistry of ’’The Guru” fame. To make matters really worse for him, his wife Manini is such an elegant dancer that she makes his two left feet problem all the more obvious.

# Rajeshwari and Varun Badhola performed their steps of Bunty Babli with so much style that it was unbelievable. The confident maner in which Varun started the dance was complemented beautifully by Rajeshwari’s steps.

# Neeru and Amit were really not having a good time.This was probably the only couple, dancing more so for the judges and the audience rather the the sheer joy of having fun together.

# Supriya and Sachin have had plenty of practise in their Marathi films dancing to a whole lot of numbers so their movements were pretty coorinated. But the couple really needs to be complemented that they are as agile as their competing twenty something counterparts.

# Apoorva and Shilpa Saklani were rocking away to glory in their zabardast ’Dus’ performance. It was very obvious that Shilpa was having a tough time keeping pace with Apoorva’s steps.

# Rajeev and Delnaz Paul were quite cute especially Delnaaz who did her steps without missing a beat all this inspite of the fact that she is on the healthier side. The other couple that may just win over Sachin-Supriya may be the Archana-Parmeet duo coz their chemistry shows through very well and the judges also are fida on them.

The judges were good at their task but they themselves looked quite thanda to me. Saroj Khan was okay but Farhan looked uncomfortable and seems to be having a tough time judging an event of such proportions.

I felt that the judges were a little too harsh on Saara Aakash duo (Sai Deodar and hubby) coz their dance was quite enthusiastically done. The poor couple was pretty zapped as to why they got such poor scores inspite of doing an enthusiastic version of the ‘Just chill’ song. The judges are also in a difficult position as far as rating Sachin and Supriya goes. I doubt if they can be as fair as they want to be.

What I liked about the whole effort is that inspite of being another one of those reality shows; this one is really good in terms of supporting the fav charities that every couple has chosen. This way at least, not all the viewer’s money goes down the drain and its all for a good cause.

The Jodi that I am really favouring is the Rageshwari-Varun Badhola one. If not the Nach Baliye couple they will at least be the 2nd or 3rd runner up that’s for sure. All in all the show is quite happening and as far as the final Jodi is concerned it looks as if Sachin and Supriya may just run away with the title as of now.

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